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Björgunarsveit Hafnarfjarðar

Iceland is Europe's least densely populated country and with it's unspoiled and truly surreal landscape is certainly a nature lover's paradise. This attracts an increasing number of tourists and explorers every year eager to explore the unique nature of Iceland. However this also comes with it's dangers. Every year explorers get lost or otherwise trapped in Iceland's large uninhabited terrain. This is where Björgunarsveit Hafnarfjarðar comes in. Björgunarsveit Hafnarfjarðar is a part of Iceland’s national rescue force called Landsbjörg or as it is know in English, Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR). Whenever a person needs to be rescued one or more of ICE-SAR's search and rescue forces is mobilized in order to try to track the person down and help them out. Björgunarsveit Hafnarfjarðar has been operating for over 50 years and is one of Iceland’s biggest rescue forces.

The Project


Our goal is to run the Seville marathon and collect donations and sponsors for Björgunarsveit Hafnarfjarðar. They are solely run on donations and recently they got a new dog that will help them locate people who are lost in Iceland’s large unpopulated areas. Due to the economic climate in Iceland they have had a tough time paying for its training, which is why we want to try and collect donations so it can be field ready as soon as possible


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